The Business Transformation Readiness Checklist

Are You Ready for mindset coaching to prepare you and your team for the future? Answer 14 simple questions.

Find out if you are ready for transformation:

    1. Are you and your team wanting to better leverage your unique strengths and focus your efforts according to your true nature and purpose?

    2. Are you or your team spending days and weeks solving logistics or process challenges, unable to leverage the full innovative potential of their individual and your collective insight?

    3. Is there a big goal, vision or dream that seems out of reach for you or your organization that you could use some help bringing into focus?

    4. Are you missing opportunities because you can’t gain strategic insights on your performance?

    5. Do you wish your service delivery process could be faster?

    6. Are you missing opportunities to write more business due to a lack of capacity or lack of talent?

    7. Are you looking to accelerate your responsiveness and service level with your clients?

    8. Is your team duplicating efforts handling customer inquiries relating to service or product fulfillment?

    9. Are you looking to increase accuracy or the integrity of your performance outcomes?

    10. Do you have a mandate to change customer interaction models to improve the overall customer experience?

    11. Is increasing win rates and revenue a priority for your organization?

    12. Are there critical points in your business where human interaction or human expertise adds value?

    13. Is your organization looking to augment or improve your existing workflows?

    14. Is integrity a key component of your business model and company values?