Modern Mind grew from a dream to a garage based business, to operating on multiple continents. Our vision is to make transformation available to everyone around the world, regardless of size or status. We have transformed companies big and small through empowering their human workforce. Modern Mind’s clients have become mobilized and modernized workplaces to the benefit employees and clients.

We have supported the transformation of talent and teams through mergers and acquisitions and technology transformations. Modern Mind has modernized companies in multiple industries from aerospace to healthcare and even tech companies who want to become more mobilized for advanced technologies, ultimately for the advancement of the Human experience.

About Our Team


Samantha Mason Vazquez, Modern Mind Coach

A Business Transformation and Mindset Coach, Samantha’s lifelong love of learning has led to several university degrees and accreditations in industrial organizational psychology, communications, emerging technology, and professional coaching.

She carries these passions into her career, dedicating herself to understanding the training needs of organizations. Samantha specializes in helping individuals learn what they need to know to be successful. She collaborates with leaders to foster sustainable growth in their workplaces and within their teams. She been focused for more than a decade on creating coaching and organizational development programs to both emerging startups and global corporations such as Google, United Airlines, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Slalom Consulting.

Strategic Partner and Growth Strategist

Sukhdev Krishan, Modern Mind Coach

Creative, innovative, & visionary are some words used to describe Sukhdev Krishan by high performance individuals and top of mind brands.

Sukhdev has been featured in over 500 media publications including FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and many more. He was invited to speak at “Passion vs. Purpose” Mixer in collaboration with the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City and has built relationships and business partnerships with some of the world’s greatest coaches, authors, & business leaders.

Sukhdev is the Godfather of Global Giving with his mission to positively impact a billion lives across the planet and welcomes new conversations with donors & influencers who are interested in creating a ‘world of difference’ in business, personally, or around the world.

Client Services Manager

Ellis Vazquez, Client Learning & Development

With a record-breaking business development background in the Automotive industry, Ellis is all about service excellence. He drives the customer focus for Modern Mind, ensuring that everything we do has the best interests of our clients top of mind. 

Having developed his team mindset through playing on champion Rugby and champion Football teams, Ellis was instrumental in formulating the structure and consultative approach of Modern Mind, as a business. Ellis is a thought leader and collaborator at all levels of Modern Mind Operations. He is focused on helping to formulate client programs to increase sales and grow impact.


Strategic AlliancE

Our clients and partners

Our busy lives can be made less busy, our mundane jobs can be changed and our time devoted to what human beings are best at: creating new and exciting things. Taking the skills she has honed in training, elearning, and technology and coupling it with her psychological compassion and awareness of the human condition, Samantha is also a certified Magnetic Mind Coach. She is creating a bridge between the old way of doing things and the modern workplace.

Making the connection between people and the freedom coaching can offer us, Samantha can show us all how we can get there. How to get our heads around what mindset coaching and workforce modernization means for our future.